Tips for Healthy Living

Whether you've just been diagnosed with cancer, or you're completing treatment, it’s likely you have questions. The learning curve can be steep, complex and overwhelming, but our experienced staff members do everything they can to help you become experts in your own care. The following articles contain practical advice on cancer care and prevention to help you stay healthy.

Healthy Eating Can Help Treat & Prevent Disease

Like many women, I've always had a love-hate relationship with food. We love the taste and emotional balm of comfort foods like chocolate and mashed potatoes and fried chicken. But we hate the results of overindulging that are so apparent in the mirror and so magnified in our minds.
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Super Foods For Fighting & Preventing Cancer

In the food realm, they are the good guys, protecting the body against dreaded free radicals and giving cancer cells the boot. These "super foods," as they are known, are powerful allies for any body, particularly one that's fighting cancer, because they boost strength and immunity and help rid the body of toxins, says Paul Reilly, a naturopathic physician at Salish Cancer Center.
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Reduce Cancer Risk With Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Despite frequent reports touting the latest "amazing breakthrough" in cancer therapy, the reality is that the best "treatment" for cancer is prevention. Making wise choices in diet and lifestyle can dramatically reduce your risk of cancer.
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