Medical Oncology

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The  medical oncology team  at Salish Cancer Center provides evidenced-based modern oncology in a unique and supportive environment. Our oncologists personalize their treatment plans for each patient, utilizing the best of modern medicine in conjunction with an optimized integrative care plan from our multi-disciplinary team.

salish cancer center medical oncologyThe philosophy of our medical team is patient-centered care that considers all aspects of the patient, including the body, mind, and spirit. “By addressing the whole patient, we hope to positively impact our patient’s response to therapy, quality of life, and survivorship, while decreasing therapy-related toxicity,” says Dr. Klimant.

Our oncologists and advanced practitioners spend ample time with each patient and ensure every patient has an understanding of their disease, the therapies recommended, and what the goals of treatment are.

Salish Cancer Center Serves Both Native and Non-native Patients With Cancers of All Types, Including Hematologic Disease.

Common recommended therapies include chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, surgery and/or radiation. Utilizing the concepts of modern oncology, our oncologists genetically characterize cancers when indicated and personalize treatment plans based on the most cutting edge genomic medicine available. Our treatment plan incorporates patient preferences, cultural beliefs, and impacts of prior therapy to develop a truly personalized and unique plan.

Our dedicated team will work to ensure your cancer journey is as convenient as possible. We are accustomed to arranging out-of-town laboratories, cancer imaging modalities, and/or assistance with travel when needed.The experience of cancer is often a frightening one. Salish Cancer Center is a place to receive modern oncology care in a supportive and nurturing environment that focuses on a positive and welcoming patient experience within a multi-disciplinary communicative team.

We look forward to meeting you and understanding you or your loved one’s journey. We hope to work together as a team to offer you the best of modern oncology and evidenced-based complementary whole-person care. Call us today to learn more – 253-382-6300.


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